Open House

Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES will host an open house to let the public explore the student-built modular house it has for sale.

The open house will run 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 28. The modular house is being built in the parking lot at North Franklin Educational Center, 23 Husky Lane in Malone.

“While this event is geared toward potential buyers for the modular, I really encourage students’ families, potential future students, the general public, and anyone else who might be interested to stop by to check out this excellent work done by our students,” said NFEC Executive Principal Shawn McMahon.

Students in the Building Trades program at NFEC construct a modular home each school year. Once the structure is in place, Electrical Trades students connect the wiring and electrical systems, and the heating is installed by FEH BOCES students learning Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

All three programs are two-year Career and Technical Education programs run by FEH BOCES. Building Trades and Electrical Trades are housed at NFEC, and HVAC is taught in a satellite classroom at Salmon River Central School.

“This project is a great way for students with different specialties to learn how to work together on a construction site,” said Building Trades teacher Eric Ashlaw. “My goal is to train these students to be excellent workers on a job once they’re out in the real world.”

The modular house, at 28-feet-by-52-feet, has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms.

It’s still in the process of being built. Ashlaw has found it makes sense to sell it before finalizing details on the structure, because then he and his classes can work with the buyer to customize it to their needs.

The house is constructed to be separated in half and transported on two trucks. It will need to be moved by August to make room for next school year’s construction project.

The modular home is being sold through a closed-bid process. Bids have to be submitted to North Franklin Educational Center at 23 Husky Lane in Malone by Tuesday, Feb. 14. The minimum bid is set at $80,000.

FEH BOCES finance staff will open any submitted bids at 1 p.m. Feb. 14. The FEH BOCES Board of Education will consider approval of the highest bid at their February meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 16.  

Click here to for the bid package, full specifications and more information

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