A graphic of a solar eclipse

North Franklin Educational Center, along with three of the school districts it serves, will change school calendars to have school closed the day of the upcoming solar eclipse.

Click here to view or download the updated calendar

Our region is in the path of totality for the eclipse that will happen on Monday, April 8, 2024. That date was originally scheduled to be our first day back from Spring Break.

Tourism officials expect that regions in the path of totality will see a huge influx of visitors who want to experience the rare event. Our leaders were concerned about traffic issues and other resources being scarce if the number of people flocking to the region reaches higher estimates. Because of that, we have collectively decided to add April 8 to the Spring Break holiday.

To accommodate this change, May 24 will no longer be scheduled as a day off. May 24 is the Friday before Memorial Day, and it’s not always used as a school holiday.

If there is an unused snow day after the winter wraps up, May 24 will be added back to the schedule of days off.

The Sky Center in Tupper Lake has purchased eclipse viewing glasses for all the students in FEH BOCES and its 10 component districts. FEH BOCES and our school districts will help in sending the viewing glasses, along with educational materials, home with students before Spring Break to ensure students are prepared to experience this major scientific event from home.  

To learn more about the eclipse,  visit the Sky Center's website, or check out information from I Love New York or ROOST.

Safety is key in an eclipse - make sure to follow all safety precautions, and keep safety in mind when choosing where to watch the event