A graphic featuring the headshots of Noelle Short and Rosalyn Poirier, along with the FEH BOCES logo icon

Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES is starting the school year welcoming two new administrators: Principal of Special Programs Rosalyn Poirier and Director of Special Programs Noelle Short.

Poirier will be based at North Franklin Educational Center, the FEH BOCES school in Malone, where she will guide an overhaul of the school’s alternative education program. She will also partner with Executive Principal Shawn McMahon to oversee the school’s Career and Technical Education programs.

Working remotely with the whole BOCES, Short is tasked with overseeing the FEH BOCES remote learning academy. She will also be responsible for managing new documentation requirements for families that school their children at home, and she’ll support the FEH BOCES component districts in data-driven decision-making processes.

“These two are insightful, motivated administrators who are bringing in a lot of fresh energy and new ideas,” said Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Lori Tourville. “I’m excited to add them to our excellent instructional staff.”

Students at Adirondack Educational Center will also see a temporary new leader there. Principal Stephanie Murphy will be out on maternity leave for the first few weeks of school, so Social Studies Teacher Alexandria Harris, who is finishing up earning her administrative certification, will serve as interim principal.

Poirier, a Malone resident, was most recently a school counselor at Franklin Academy in the Malone Central School District.

Short lives in Long Lake and was most recently superintendent for Long Lake Central School District.

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