Security and Law Enforcement

New in the 2024-25 school year! Interested students should reach out to the guidance team in their school district.


Program length

Two years of half-day study for high school juniors and seniors

The program

The Security and Law Enforcement Academy program curriculum includes instruction in all areas of the security and law enforcement professions. Including, but not limited to police, corrections, and homeland security.

Work experiences and exposure to state/local police, Border Patrol, NYS Corrections, Customs, and Sheriff's professions will be part of the program.


Students will earn .5 CTE credits in English, Science, and Physical Education each year in the program. Students will also earn CTE Participation and Government credit (.5) their junior year.


Certifications will include NYS Security Guard Pre-Assessment, First Aid/CPR, and NWRC/21st Century Skills.