Personnel services

This Department is responsible for overall organization, planning, administration, and operation of personnel services. This includes human resources management, civil service compliance, employee benefits, employee training and development, recruitment and hiring, and labor relations. This service provides complete negotiations and contract management services, including but not limited to assistance and participation in at-the-table negotiations with collective bargaining agents, assistance and advocacy in the contractual grievance/arbitration process, contract analysis of collective bargaining agreements, and providing a source of information on topics related to labor relations and negotiation.

We offer component districts a variety of personnel services a la cart or as a full-service package.

Human resources

Our human resources team offers services including:

  • Health Insurance, and Workers Compensation

  • Civil Service compliance

  • Frontline/Recruiting Hiring/AESOP

  • Onboarding/Exit for new/former/retired employees

  • WinCap (Personal Data, Seniority, Tenure, Provisional, Probationary, Attendance)

  • 609 Advertising

  • HIPAA Compliance and FMLA Compliance

  • Employee Assistance Program

  • Employee Training and PD

Labor relations

  1. At-the-Table Negotiations

    • Proposal preparation/training

    • Serve as chief spokesperson for the district

    • Coordinate all phases of impasse through fact finding and super conciliation

    • Finalization of contract for printing

  2. Grievance/Arbitration

    • Counsel through all phases of a grievance

    • Preparation for arbitration

    • Selection of Arbitrators

    • Presentation of district case at arbitration hearing

    • Preparation of pre- and post-hearing briefs

  3. Contract Analysis

    • Comparative analysis of benefits, wages and language

    • Documentation and backup to support the above

  4. In-Service Workshops

    • Timely workshops for board members, superintendents, principals, supervisors and other management personnel

  5. Other Negotiations/Contracts Management/ Concerns as they may develop

    • Development and preparation of side letters to existing agreements

    • Preparation of petitions for classification of positions as managerial and/or confidential

    • Counsel districts on recognition of employee bargaining unit

    • Serve as clearinghouse for information for PERB, Office of the State Comptroller, Civil Service Administration, and other governmental agencies