The Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES Public Information Service will take your school district communications to the next level. It’s typical for school districts to piecemeal their communications together over the years, but communications are much more effective when they’re part of a strategic, coordinated effort.

Our communications experts work together as a team to develop and implement a plan that helps give your school district a distinct brand identity, finds the most effective and efficient ways to target specific audiences, and makes the public feel informed about and connected to your district. When you’re in control of your messaging, you build public trust and confidence in your school district.


You can count on us to:

  • Work with your leaders to develop a communications plan that will strategically address your district’s priorities and needs.

  • Provide a single point person on our team who will work with you like an account executive to gather information, then work with our communications team to develop the content and materials you need.

  • Depending on the plan developed, we will implement your communications strategy in a number of ways. This could include:

    • Regular visits to your district to take photos/video and otherwise gather content.

    • Design, compile and distribute newsletters.

    • Help with any district publications, special or otherwise.

    • Writing and/or editing district communications.

    • Content planning, creation and distribution via social media, website and other channels.

    • Create and implement communications/public relations strategies around topics like:

      • Budget season, including visually appealing budget mailers, presentations and other explainers that translate complex financial data into information the average voter can understand

      • Capital projects

      • Introducing new district leaders

      • Strategic plan processes and implementation

    • Press agentry and media relations.

    • Reputation management.

    • Sign/poster design.

    • Government relations and advocacy.

    • Create branded templates for various uses throughout your district.

  • Monitor and manage issues important to the educational landscape and your district’s specific needs and create and implement a crisis public relations plan when issues reach a boiling point.

  • Provide quarterly reports to participating school leaders and program coordinators/managers.

  • Drafting year-end reports of work completed.

 We will need your district to:

  • Set up points of contact in your district to funnel information through.

  • Provide us with information like important activities and events.

  • Gather and provide us with content that helps tell the story of what is happening in your district.

  • Clearly delineate between tasks fulfilled by district staff and tasks fulfilled by FEH BOCES communication team.

Please reach out

If you have questions about our communications services, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more!

Jess Collier, APR

518-891-1330 ext. 2035