Career and Technical Education at FEH BOCES

Our two-year trades training programs provide high school juniors and seniors with hands-on learning and real-world experiences. Seniors attend our schools in the mornings, and juniors attend in the afternoons, spending the rest of their school day in their home districts.

In our CTE programs, students learn real-world skills to finish high school ready for the job they want, or with a head start on college. Our two-year CTE programs help kids earn college credit and job certifications along with their diploma.

Academic skills are strengthened through integration of math, language arts, science and social studies into both theory and practical application. And while we teach students the physical and theoretical skills behind a trade, we also work with them on soft skills like teamwork and communication.  

Click here to view our opportunities for students to earn college credits. CTE programs offer the potential for articulation credits, and New Vision programs include dual college credits.

CTE offerings

AEC = Adirondack Educational Center in Saranac Lake
NFEC = North Franklin Educational Center in Malone
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New Vision programs

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Our New Vision programs are one-year programs for seniors that give students the chance to explore career options within a field. These programs are more advanced and require students to regularly do college-level work.

While New Vision students attend some classes at AEC and NFEC, the bulk of the programs are held offsite to give students a full immersion into their field of study.