TA Training Program

New! Support your teachers by supporting your TAs!

Teaching assistants and paraprofessionals often join our districts with very little training, and they can be thrown into situations that even well-trained professional would find challenging.

With our new TA Training program, we want to make your TAs and paraprofessionals feel supported and ready to manage classroom issues. We want your paraprofessionals to provide the best support they can to the teachers they work with.

TA's want training and support

TAs tell us they are hungry for training that's customized to their needs. After a TA-focused PD we hosted in fall 2022, we received many comments from TAs who wanted more:

  • "I thought it was a great instruction and us TA's should have more opportunities for these classes!"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and look forward to more."
  • "It was an excellent workshop, wish it was all day instead of half day."
  • "A great presentation! wish we had longer to work on this"
  • "I appreciated the TA specific training and I would welcome as much training as possible."

We believe this initiative will have an impact on staff satisfaction and retention, as well as classroom management.

Training options

We're offering a program that will provide support for your TAs and paraprofessionals from Jan. 31, 2023, to June 27, 2023. In-person training will be supplemented by a closed online message board and video conferencing, creating connections and building a network of support. 

We're also offering an a la carte option for just one day of TA-focused training on March 17, 2023.