The Education and Training Consortium (Etc....)

Latest News Letter

The Education and Training Consortium (Etc...) was created in June 1993 when the Adirondack Teacher Center (ATC), Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES Office of Special Services and the Special Education Technical Assistance Support Center (SETASC) collaborated to provide the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton region with coordinated programs, training opportunities and resources.

The goals of Etc… are to:

  • provide a centralized calendar of professional development opportunities;
  • offer meaningful, locally-based programs in response to expressed local needs;
  • act as a clearinghouse for new materials; and
  • serve as a resource to the constituents.

Following is a description of Etc...'s major initiatives:

  • Federal and State Initiatives - training and technical assistance is provided on various federal and state initiatives. In addition, a number of initiatives have been expanded to allow for full exploration and implementation within the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton region
  • Educational Reform and Best Practices Training - workshops and information sessions which serve to keep constituents apprised of the latest issues in educational reform, research-based instructional strategies and program structures which enhance the education of students with diverse learning needs.
  • Regional Needs Assessment - surveys for instructional staff are conducted, compiled and analyzed yearly to identify needs for professional development opportunities. The surveys are used to provide districts and Etc... with disaggregated results of staff needs for Professional Development Plans, regional staff development and emerging needs.
  • The Education Connection Newsletter - a quarterly newsletter announcing staff development opportunities, listing resources available for loan and providing the region with informational articles including state and local initiatives as well as research based instructional practices.
  • Staff Development Day - A release day for instructional and support staff in all nine BOCES component districts provides the opportunity for staff development activities across the region. Etc..., with the help of district representatives, plans this annual event.

For more information about the Adirondack Teacher Center and Etc..., visit their website at http://www.adirondackteachercenter.org