Directions to North Franklin Educational Center

The North Franklin Educational Center (NFEC) offers an array of specialized courses.Each course curriculum is updated continually in order to keep students in tune with the many changes in business and industry as well as meeting the New York State Learning Standards in all academic areas.

The Career and Technical Education (CTE) curricula focus on eight distinct programs in the fields of technology, construction and human service.Alternative educational programs support the attainment of a high school diploma, a high school equivalency diploma, or individualized educational plan diplomas for students with significant special needs.

Three New Vision Programs offer students the ability to explore the medical field or the field of government and law during their senior year.The concepts of social responsibility and problem solving form the basis for instruction in every classroom at NFEC.

Students are encouraged to be independent thinkers with an awareness of how their individual choices affect their community.All students regardless of their choice of study are encouraged to attend college for further training to better develop the entry level skills they have earned at NFEC.

The school as a whole focuses on all types of learners and promotes the development of responsible citizens.The building wide motto is “STEP UP”.Each letter stands for one of our core values.Students are taught and expected to be Safe, Team Players, Employable, Positive, Understanding and Productive regardless of their chosen course of study.The NFEC STEP UP team works closely to monitor student achievement and positive behavior.We work cooperatively with our community to promote those skills that will help students to attain success in life and to develop citizens who recognize that they are part of a bigger community.