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Central Administration

(518) 483-6420

Stephen T. Shafer, District Superintendent of Schools

Cheryl A. Felt, Deputy Superintendent

Stacy Vincent, Director of Management and Finance

Office of Instructional Programs

Shawn McMahon, Principal, North Franklin Educational Center - 518-483-5230

Rick J. Swanston, Principal, Adirondack Educational Center - 518-891-1330

Tim Seymour, Principal, Northern Borders Academy, PTECH - 518-483-6420 xt 4060

Denise Luka, Principal, Special Education Programs - 518-483-6420

Office of Instructional Support Services

Cheryl A. Felt, Director - 518-483-5230


Michele E. Frazier, Management System Specialist - 518-483-6420