Community COVID testing by FEH BOCES

Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES has created a  COVID-19 testing plan for staff and students in schools throughout Franklin County. Now that our testing teams are fully set up, we’ve identified some space in the schedule when we can provide public service to the community by offering some limited slots for testing community members beyond school staff or students.

This service is offered for free to all people who have been exposed to someone with COVID or who have experienced symptoms of it.

Sign up

To get started, sign up for the web portal where your information and results will be stored.

  1. Go to app.clarifi-covid-19.com.
  2. Register your email, then get and enter your verification code.
  3. Create a profile and select “Franklin County Community Testing” as your organization.

Schedule a test

Please fill out this form to schedule a test. 

Get tested

It is very important you do not have anything in your mouth for 30 minutes prior to your appointment. We will not be able to test you if you have had anything in your mouth including water, candy or cigarettes within 30 minutes of your appointment.

After getting tested

Watch your email for a message from no-reply@mail.clarifi-covid-19.com letting you know when your results are ready. Results are usually ready within two to three days. Log in and get your results.

If you need proof of a positive or negative result, select “Download Result (PDF)” and print or email.

If your result is negative

No further action is needed.

If your result is positive

  1. Immediately start to isolate. 

    Stay at home and away from other household members, if possible. If separation is not possible, those with repeated exposure may be subjected to a longer quarantine period.

  2. Watch for a call from Franklin County Public Health or NYS Contact Tracing. 

    This may take a few days due to the high volume of cases in our area. Make sure to answer the phone when they call. They will give you instructions for isolation and go over any potential contacts you may have had since you’ve been positive.

  3. Visit coronavirus.health.ny.gov for any additional information while you’re waiting to hear from health officials.