Child Nutrition

FEH BOCES child nutrition programs/lunch programs at the Adirondack Educational Center, North Franklin Educational Center, and Chateaugay Central School are contracted out to component school districts. However, FEH BOCES will ensure that all meals served at BOCES locations follow the requirements set forth by the NYSED child nutrition requirements.


  • Ensure that all full day students enrolled in BOCES programs have access to school meals while in school and while learning remotely;
  • Address all applicable health and safety guidelines;
  • Consider safety measures for students with food allergies;
  • Have students perform hand hygiene before and after eating;
  • Allow students to remove face coverings when seated and eating so long as they are appropriately socially distanced;
  • Ensure social distancing between individuals while eating in the designated meal locations. If not feasible, meals may be served in alternate areas (e.g., classrooms) or in staggered meal periods to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning and disinfection between students;
  • Ensure that the sharing of food and beverages (e.g., buffet style meals, snacks) is prohibited, unless individuals are members of the same household. Adequate space will be reserved for students, faculty, and staff to observe social distancing while eating meals;
  • Comply with the Child Nutrition Program requirements;
  • Communicate all protocol and procedures with parents in multiple languages as well as policies about meal service, eligibility, options, and changes in operations. Communications will include program-specific information that details program activities that affect families such as:
    • availability of meals
    • payment methods
    • use of vending machines
    • a la carte sales
    • outside food brought into the building, and
    • restrictions on visitors during the meal service;
  • Work with its contractors to ensure that food preparation and services, including staffing, are in compliance with the safety and sanitation standards developed by the NYSED;
  • Ensure that adequate supplies of face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, and tissues will be available in the food service areas;
  • Routinely clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces including tables, chairs, carts used in transportation, and point-of-service touch pads;
  • Instruct students on how to appropriately wash hands and to not share food; and
  • Use outdoor spaces or eat in the classroom to minimize students congregating in common areas. This will include scheduling food pick up.

In the case of a hybrid or fully remote model, FEH BOCES will coordinate with each student’s home school district to ensure that all students understand how to access those district’s child nutrition programs.