Attendance policies and procedures will be communicated with families and students prior to the start of the school year or if the instructional model changes during the year. Communication will take the form building level parent letters/newsletter, robocalls, emails, text messaging, and social media.

  • Daily attendance will be taken regardless of the instructional setting
  • Encourage students and staff to stay home when they are not feeling well
  • For students who have not engaged in remote learning and school staff outreach to parents/guardians has been unsuccessful, FEH BOCES will deploy a number of strategies for reaching out including:
    • phone calls to families
    • collaborating with the home school district to see if the student is participating there
    • physical distancing check-ins with students whose families are not responding to phone calls or other methods of communication.
    • Some students may be assigned a specific adult as an ally to assist
    • FEH BOCES will work closely with the home district and the County Department of Social Services in the case where educational neglect is suspected

Daily reports will be generated to identify students who are absent and/or chronically absent. Contact with the families will be made daily to determine reasons for absence and needs or barriers the student may have to participate in daily lessons.