AEC Tiny House

The students in our Building Trades program are putting the finishing touches on the tiny house they've been building, and it's almost ready to be auctioned! 

Our students start from scratch, designing and building the tiny house from the bottom up on a specially made trailer, learning the foundations of carpentry along the way. They also get to try their hand at electrical work, plumbing and HVAC work on this project.

The design is changed up each year so that students in the two-year program get to learn about different building types, strategies and considerations.

We usually complete a tiny house each year, but this one has taken two years due to COVID delays.

Students at AEC come from Long Lake, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. Seniors spend the morning half of their day with us, and juniors come to AEC for the afternoon.

This type of hands-on, real-world experience is the cornerstone of the education that students get from Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES programs.

Sale through auction

Bidding is now open on the house at AuctionsInternational.com - click the link to view or submit a bid. The auction will close at midnight Tuesday, May 18. 

All proceeds from the sale go right back into the program, to pay for building materials and other educational necessities.

House info

The tiny house has a full bathroom, an open loft to use as a bedroom, a common area with a kitchen, a front room, and a deck that folds up when you’re traveling.

  • 280 square feet
  • 8'6" wide, 24' long, 11'11" high
    • Fold-out deck: 8' by 7'
  • Electric heat
    • 30 amp service – similar to any typical RV
  • Hot water heater
    • electric, on demand
    • 2.7 gallon per minute (most showers take 1.5)
  • Needs water and sewer hookups if it gets parked
  • Sturdy 1/4 inch plexiglass window on the front
    • won't break when you're on the road if rocks fly into it
    • Rest of the windows are Thermopane glass (multiple panes to insulate)
  • Insulated
    • r30 in ceiling
    • r20 in the walls
    • no floor insulation
  • Specially made Heavy Haulers trailer
    • house is bolted to the trailer with hurricane ties to it
  • Vinyl siding
  • Metal roof
  • Wi-Fi switches
    • can turn the lights on from your phone from wherever you are in the world via app from Leviton