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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

Raquette Lake Union Free School
P. O. Box 10
Raquette Lake, New York 13436
Richard Rose, Superintendent

    Article 7, Section 211 Waiver Notice                                                                      

The Raquette Lake Union Free School District (District) is located in the Towns of Arietta and Long Lake, in Hamilton County. The District is governed by the Board of Education (Board) which comprises five elected members. The Board is responsible for the general management and control of the Districtís fi nancial and educational affairs. The Superintendent of Schools (Superintendent) is the chief executive offi cer of the District and is responsible, along with the District Clerk and District Treasurer, for the day-to-day management of the District under the direction of the Board.

The Superintendentís position is a part-time position that is currently held by Richard Rose. The District Clerkís position is a 20 hour per week part-time position. The bus driver/custodian is the only full-time employee of the District and also serves as the District Treasurer.

There are no schools in operation within the District. There is one building in the District which until June 2005 served as the elementary school for the District.  There are less than five students in the district, all of whom are tuitioned at neighboring school districts. The Districtís budgeted expenditures  are funded primarily with real property taxes.

The District keeps the elementary school building in operation and it now serves as the District offi ces. Offi ce space is made available to three not-for-profi t community based organizations. The building is also used as a community center hosting a fi tness room, classes in small business development, arts and crafts and occasional lectures by guest speakers.