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Welcome to the Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES
Established July 29, 1948

FEH Regional Graduation Rate Initiative

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BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes) Proposal to Create Multiple Pathways to a NYS High School Diploma

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes) New STEM and CTE Pathways to Diplomas Will Improve NYS Economic Competitiveness

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes) Dropout Intervention & Prevention

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes) High Schools that Work Powerpoint  - .pdf version

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Salmon River Alumni Share
      the Message "Stay in School"

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  GRI Press Releases

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Plans and Action Steps

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Letters to Parents

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Regional Data

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  Articles

BD10300_.GIF (261 bytes)  "The Silent Epidemic"



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